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As a CTO, are you struggling with a lack of experienced developers? Projects aren't moving forward, recruitment is a nightmare, and you're spending too much time looking for specialists? We have a team of 300+ developers with 7+ years of experience who deliver highly complex projects.

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Certificates and awards

What problems can we solve for you?

Efficient project ramp-up/lack of developers

We help to execute business ideas on schedule with high quality enterprise software, and on budget

Lack of time to complete a project

We work with a Client's Product Owner who is responsible for the project scope while j-labs completes the tasks in iterations

Inexperienced developers

Our team consists of 300+ developers with at least 7 years of experience and a technical university degree

Lack of trust and confidence in external partners

We are an experienced partner who has worked for well-known brands for 13 years

We provide software development managed services in two set-ups

Agile Project Outsourcing

We provide a dedicated Development Team supervised by our Delivery Manager who is responsible for meeting all business requirements and the quality of a delivered product. The client is only responsible for the scope of the project.

Team Extension

j-labs engineers work as part of a client's internal team (mixed teams). A Delivery Manager supervises and supports j-labs employees so that the tasks are completed on time and with quality (this is how 95% of our clients start - with small support of 2-3 developers, and grow the team as the trust builds up).

with specialization around:

e2e software development

architecture, development, QA, DevOps, maintenance

Legacy Migration

reengineering, cloud - monolith to microservices

Technologies we work with

We believe that an IT specialist who knows everything knows nothing. Therefore, we work in a narrow technology but in a wide range of specialization.




We can also help you with

Python, Kotlin, Mobile

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

Machine Learning, IoT, DLT

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13 years
in IT outsourcing business
40 clients
with implemented projects
3 locations
Krakow, Warsaw, Munich

Why you can trust us?

It is our firm conviction that good cooperation and successful projects are based on trust. We have a clear ownership structure and stable financing. We ensure Delivery Manager’s supervision on a daily basis and regularly report the progress. We work in a structured manner based on Scrum methodology. Our office and infrastructure security meet high corporate standards. We also have a knowledge preservation policy to keep your data and know-how safe.

350+ engineers
on board
40 specialists
in the back office
7 years
experience required of our engineers



Our portfolio

We love IT projects. In order to execute development projects, we provide fully functional teams with clearly defined competencies and roles. We work based on Agile methodology ensuring flexibility and efficient communication. Check out the projects we are passionate about.

Java 11 Ethereum (web3j) Truffle

Digital Transformation of federal system

The IHK for Munich and Upper Bavaria is the biggest chamber of commerce and industry in Germany having about 390.000 member companies. The IHK is also one of the biggest corporate networks in Europe.

Germany's federal system
React GraphQL TypeScript

SMS Portal

Development of a Customer Portal. It mostly consists of SMS products, allowing end-users to browse messages, go through data analytics, see the pricing plans, make payments and integrate with APIs (e.g. XMS/SMPP).

JavaScript React Kotlin

B2C Ordering Platform

A platform that allows a user to order and receive a product within the same day. The solution integrates a dedicated portal to manage the entire order, couriers, shipment and partner stores.


Where you can find us?

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Zabłocie Business Park
ul. Zabłocie 43a
30-701 Kraków


Biurowiec Focus
Al. Armii Ludowej 26, lokal 1A, 00-609 Warszawa


München Arnulfpark
Luise-Ullrich-Straße 20
80636 München
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Krakow - Biggest IT Community in CEE

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A huge young talent pool

7000 IT students at 6 universities

Experienced IT engineers

Enterprise level projects for global organizations

Direct flight connections from 90 locations

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